Relieving stress and many other disease using music therapy

Hearing some song might restore beautiful memories or have you feeling happy or sad or calm or pumped up too in line with the song we hear. Music has different uses according to its usage in several location. When playing music inside a party or event, we tend to dance in addition to our friends and relish the music. When played music in a drama, we will enjoyed and have merged in to the story through the binding of music using the story. People are born with the ability to distinguish the key difference between noise and music. Music soothes our brain and causes us to be feel better whereas noise will piss you off and turns over mood making our day to get spoiled.

Researchers learned that our brain has higher capacity that helps in processing various areas of music like pitch, melody, tempo and rhythm in various pathways. Nowadays things are all released in video format all night . a video format helps make the situation worse like consuming space and internet data often might damaged these devices memory and so it is better to convert such video file into audio file using converters like youtube mp3 .

Benefits of music

Studies show that hearing music can benefit overall well-being helps regulate emotions that will create happiness and relaxation in your everyday living. People with cancer also showed improvement by playing music along with standard care reduced anxiety compared to those who received standard care alone.

Thinking or creating new stuffs in our mind is one of the leading benefit of listening music especially people with Alzheimer’s who finds difficult to recall their memories and lose them day-to-day. Listening to music cures this sort of diseases so helping in recalling the memories slowly but permanently. Music therapy has also showed result in improving the communication, coping and expressing of feeling in higher and right down to earth manner.