How are picture hanging strips?

The most used elements to brighten any room are the paintings. Its popularity is due to the fact that, regardless of the style of decoration which is applied in a place, a single painting hung on one of the walls can realize your desire to give another nuance to the whole place. In addition to them, there are several sizes, types, techniques, colors, etc.

However, to be pieces which are placed parallel for the wall they want some mechanism of restraint. Usually screws or nails are often used, however, these will inevitably damage the walls, when you move the box will be that ugly hole which will be very difficult to cover. But also in the present post will be provided to the innovative picture hanging strips with which you can set from small pieces to large canvases.

Picture hanging strips are constructed with resistant materials, this way the durability with the work is guaranteed, without causing the least harm to the surfaces. The types are varied, more or less 40, and also without commercial presentations, so that the customer can discover the ones that work best with their requirements.

You will find there’s type of strip for each and every size and weight in the frame, so it will be necessary to choose the right picture hanging strips based on the piece. Intended for the types of surfaces works with the adhesives, they may be endless, since they can be used in smooth, painted walls, with matt finishes; It also works on varnished wood, tiles, concrete walls, PVC or metal surfaces and glass. Whilst the surfaces that you should avoided given that they will not do the job, are those of bricks, or rough and textured walls.

On the other hand, when the strip is stuck, it is vital to let it rest for at least a week before hanging the painting about it, this is done to ensure the total adherence from the strip which does not rise in the event the weight is added. Finally, you need to know that they are not reusable. To understand more you have to enter at