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Technology develops, advances innovates and restructures every day, simply its growth and change increase to a very difficult step for all to follow and as this progresses it becomes more necessary for all that prior to. Work, business, institutional and academic relations rely a lot on technology these days smartphones, Tv sets connected to WI-FI, cornets that work with wireless internet, image projectors by having an Internet connection, and others, make us all see that the entire world is changing in accordance to how engineering evolves.

The most difficult thing now for all will be to adapt to these types of changes, for those people who hold events, particularly the speakers, it is a fantastic challenge to possess the technology to help improve the experience of those people who take part in these conferences or seminars. Technology ought to aim to provide people who go to a unique and rewarding expertise, but should also help the coordinator have resources that aid their overall performance before, after and during the convention.
Speakers need projectors, microphones, horns, Tv set screens between another simply no number of electronic devices, but it is unrealistic to buy all these since because a lecturer traveling all that is actually impossible, more importance in the luggage and therefore a lot more tax at airports.

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